Indie Air Radio is a 24/7 Internet radio station, and a fair trade media company that is owned by a curated group of musical artists and podcast producers. We also own a concert venue and provide music and podcast distribution services for our group members. Artists and producers who are interested in associating with our group can find information here

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We invite you to consider becoming a supporting member of the station with subscriptions starting at $7 per month. 20% of your subscription assists us with our operating costs and 80% supports our group. Choosing to personally support an individual musical artist or podcast producer and create multiple, and higher priced subscriptions are options that are also available.

In appreciation we provide a variety of benefits to our members, which include discounts on music purchases, discounts on admission to concerts, free monthly music downloads and more. To view all subscription options, membership benefits, and to become a member click here.


In addition to supporting our artists with airplay requests are a great way to explore and discover new music.

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Concerts at Indie Air Radio: Considered ‘the best listening room in Spokane’ our venue provides an intimate listening experience and the opportunity to meet with the artist. Seating is limited to 45.

Admission is by fixed donation and the artist receives all proceeds. Members of Indie Air Radio receive a 20% discount on admission. To view upcoming concerts click here.

Visit Cafe’ Indie Air: Where you can preview and purchase our artists digital music.

Members receive a 20% discount.

Our artists receive all purchase proceeds.

Stop by often as we are always adding new music to our shelves. To preview and purchase music click here.

Featured Artist of the Month: Robot Raven.

Robot Raven is the imaginative musical invention of two seasoned songwriters – John Rigg and Edmond Bruneau, Rigg single-handedly orchestrates both the top and bottom lines of the music and Bruneau writes all the lyrics.

Rigg/Bruneau have written over fifty original songs together and are considered some of the most proficient song gurus around. Their penchant for the “classic rock sound” shapes Robot Raven’s unique and interesting arrangements, although the group never fears to divert to other musical genres occasionally for the sheer fun of it. For more information on Robot Raven click here.


Featured Album Download of the Month: KICK BACK RELAX by Robot Raven.

Robot Raven is offering all new members a free download of their album KICK BACK RELAX, with subscriptions start at $7 per month. As a part of your subscription consider personally sponsoring Robot Raven. 80% of your subscription will support Robot Raven and 20% will assist the station with its operating costs. In appreciation you will receive a variety of benefits. To view subscription options and membership benefits click here.

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Members: To receive your free download of KICK BACK RELAX, click here. You must be logged-in to receive your free download.

Not ready to become a member? Download KICK BACK RELAX for $9.99 here. Robot Raven receives all purchase proceeds.

Featured Album Download of the Week: THE CARDINAL by Julie Christensen’s band Stone Cupid, (May 31st through June 6th).

Regularly priced at $9.99 THE CARDINAL is on sale for $7.99 (a 20% savings).

Members: Receive an additional 20% discount and pay only $6.39. You must be logged-in to receive additional discount.

To hear audio previews and download THE CARDINAL click here. Julie receives all purchase proceeds.

Download our SPRING MUSIC SAMPLER: The sampler features Aleisha Simpson, Laddie Ray Melvin, Patrice Webb, Whitherward, GIANTfingers, Ryan Zimmerman and John Rigg.

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To find music by any of these artists visit Cafe’ Indie Air here.


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In order for the arts to exist an equitable, ethical and transparent economy must exist.

Indie Air Radio supports the fair trade music movement in partnership with Fair Trade Music International.

To find information on how you can become a part of the movement and Fair Trade Music International click here.


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