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Indie Air Radio is a curated, artist owned fair trade media company and Internet radio station. Providing sustainability, income opportunities and marketing platforms to our musical artists and podcasters is our company mission. Artists and podcasters seeking opportunities can find association information here

Our publicly accessible broadcast stream is commercial free and is similar to public and community radio. In order for us to remain non-commercial we rely on financial support from listening members and underwriters. Connecting supportive listeners and underwriters with our unique podcast programming and musical artists is our top priority.



We invite you to consider becoming a supporting member or underwriter of the station with subscriptions starting at $10 per month. Sponsorship is included in both underwriter and listener memberships. 60% of all subscription revenue is allocated to sponsorship which directly support our group of associated artists and podcasters. Personal sponsorship of an individual artist or podcaster is also an option. In appreciation of our members we provide them with a variety of benefits which include free music downloads, discounts on music purchases, discounts on admission to concerts, workshops and more. You can view all benefits and become an underwriter or listening member here.



In order for the arts to exist an equitable, ethical, transparent and sustainable economy must exist.

Indie Air Radio supports the “Fair Trade Music Movement” in partnership with Fair Trade Music International, (information available here).

You can join with like-minded consumers, artists, businesses and organizations in the “Fair Trade Music Movement” here.


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Acoustix House is our featured Underwriter of the Month.

“Acoustix House helped me book my UK tour on very short notice, and provided me with solid connections and valuable information. Acoustix House literally saved the day”. – Justin Werner (professional touring artist).

If you’re an acoustic artist looking for national/international tour booking, social media marketing, branding, EPK development, photography, videography and web services contact Acoustix House here.

Are you looking to share your message? Underwriting is far more affordable than commercial radio and print advertising and a great way to connect with our listeners while supporting our podcasters and the station. Businesses, organizations or individuals can find information for our underwriting program here.

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Concerts @ Indie Air Radio features some of the finest artists in the indie music scene!

Considered the best listening room in Spokane our venue provides an intimate live performance experience and the opportunity to meet with the artist. Seating is limited to 45.

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Admission is by fixed donation and the artist receives all admission proceeds. Members, underwriters, artists and podcasters of Indie Air Radio receive a 20% discount with information available here.

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Musical artists can find booking and more information here.

Featured Album of the Month: ALL THIS DISTANCE by American Catapult.

American Catapult is a band that truly has the soul of the American landscape running through their veins. Not only does the Southern California quartet play songs which attempt to capture the experience of being young, free, and in the midst of wide open spaces (both geographically and emotionally), but the band has literally brought their music to a wide range of settings which dot the horizons of many who live in the lower forty-eight. (popmatters.com) … (read more about American Catapult here).

American Catapult is our featured artist for the month of June and is offering all new members a free download of their album ALL THIS DISTANCE. As a part of your $10 monthly membership consider sponsoring American Catapult at no additional cost. $6 will personally support the band and $4 will support the station. In appreciation of your support you will receive a variety of benefits which can be viewed here.

You can find more information about American Catapult, become a member and personally sponsor them here.

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Our SPRING MUSIC SAMPLER features the following artists.

Dusty Wright – Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart – Ryan Zimmerman – Aleisha Simpson – Robot Raven – Patrice Webb – DashdownStone CupidRaygun Carver

You can access the web page of any of these artists by clicking on their name above. Please consider supporting the individuals who make this all possible through your personal sponsorship and monthly membership support.

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Members, Underwriters, Artists and Podcasters of Indie Air Radio: Receive your free download at the Members Lounge here.

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Cafe’ Indie Air is where you can purchase our artists digital albums and singles.

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Our artists receive all purchase proceeds and appreciate your support. Stop by often as we are always adding new music to our shelves.

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