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Featured Artist of the Month: Dusty Wright.

Dusty is a musician, producer, and writer who co-founded the audio podcasting and video webcasting online pop culture magazine CultureCatch (August 2005) featuring his interview series The Dusty Wright Show. Interviews from the show were among the very first video and audio podcasts featured at iTunes with such guests as Ron Howard, Gore Vidal, Jim Marshall, Budd Hopkins, and CultureCatch board advisor David Lynch. Dusty is also a former editor-in-chief of Creem Magazine, Prince’s New Power Generation, and producer of the documentaries Wildwood Days and Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio.

As a singer/songwriter Dusty has released 8 solo albums with this years CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? being his most recent. His music has appeared in film (Ghost Town) and on numerous music compilations (English 101, The Song Retains The Name, Baseball: America’s Game). He also fronts the NYC based chamber-folk music quartet GIANTfingers. You can find out more about Dusty here.


Featured Album Download of the Month: CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? by Dusty Wright.

Dusty is offering all current and new members a free download of his album CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?, with subscriptions starting at $7 per month. New subscribing members, consider sponsoring Dusty Wright. 80% of your subscription will support him and 20% will assist the station with its operating costs. As a member you will receive a variety of exclusive benefits. You can view all subscription options and membership benefits here.

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Download Dana Cooper’s new single “Summer in America”.

View the official video of “Summer in America” here.

“Summer in America” touches on our struggles and our fears, leading us to unite in love, peace, happiness and is a strong message that our country needs right now. ~ #PowerInUnity.

Damn! Dana Cooper’s song “Summer in America” is about the best thing I’ve heard so far this summer. ~ Gurf Morlix (Singer/Songwriter).

In his sublimely-written, perfectly-timed release, “Summer in America”, Dana Cooper deftly frames the tumult of 2020 with both sentimentality and optimism. ~ David Starr (Singer/Songwriter).

Harkening back to 70’s folk and storytelling songs of suffering that leads to personal growth and even love, “Summer in America” is a balm to these distinct times. ~ Tim Easton (Singer/Songwriter).

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Featured Album Download of the Week (9/27-10/3): THEY WERE EVENINGS LIKE NO OTHER by Jonathan Nicholson.

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In order for the arts to exist a transparent and equitable economy must exist.

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