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Indie Air RadioBased in Spokane, WA, Indie Air Radio is a 24/7 Internet radio station and is publicly accessible through all streaming platforms. Our program format is similar to public and community radio. We are a curated community of artists, funded by listening member subscriptions with sponsorship opportunities included as a part of membership. 

Artists which are associated with us are provided marketing and financial support through our listening members subscriptions, with sponsorship being key. Sponsorship provides no less than 20% financial support to our artist associates, which we pay monthly.



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 We are Proud to Recognize Ian Narcisi and His New DJ Show INNER AWAKENED … as Our Featured “Artist/ DJ of the Month



Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Inner Awakening student, Ian Narcisi has always understood one simple truth: If you have a dream make it happen. Ian’s dream is to change the world through his music and spiritual teachings and lessons which he has learned … (see more). 

A spirituality based program, INNER AWAKENED will introduce you to Ian’s Guru, Swamiji, and his very powerful self-healing process called Completion. Join with Ian every Thursday at 11 am and 7 pm PST as he spins up spiritually themed music while sharing topics and discussions which stem from Swamiji’s teachings … (see more).

Currently in the studio recording the 3rd album of his trilogy The Story of Blue, Ian is offering a full album download of the 1st album, titled Introduction, to all new listening member sign up’s. As a part of membership you will also become a sponsor of INNER AWAKENED with a portion of your subscription $’s going directly to Dhyanapeetam in support of this show. To view the INNER AWAKENED web page click here.



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  Casey Garland & Hawke Robinson … Need Your Help!


14184462_10154355432938213_8946616580462879848_nIn August, Casey Garland suffered a serious accident which shattered his right foot. Following the accident there was a possibility that he would lose his foot. Fortunately his doctors were able to save it. Casey recently underwent successful reconstructive surgery and is hoping to regain most, if not all of the abilities which he had prior to his accident. In the mean time he has a long road to recovery ahead (possibly 12 months) before he is back on his feet and able to resume working again.

To help out, all new members who sign up and sponsor Casey, 100% of your monthly subscription will go directly to him. Your sponsorship will help in paying Casey’s medical bills and providing resources to him until he is able to resume working again.



Please consider becoming a member and supporting Casey! To view his web page click here or on the x-ray above.



RPG CroppedHawke Robinson has a dream, which is to create a wheelchair friendly RGP (Role Game Playing) trailer which will include table top, live action, solo and guided adventures + more. The outreach trailer will serve, but not be limited to, youths at risk, individuals with ADHD, autism, brain injury recovery, social phobia’s, the deaf, and others with special needs.

Hawke needs to raise $6,000 for the construction and outfitting of the trailer and has created a GoFundMe campaign to achieve his goal. To find out more and to donate click here or on the photo above.

Another way that you can help Hawke reach his goal is to become a member and  sponsor him with all sponsorship dollars going towards his funding campaign. You can provide addition support by purchasing Hawke’s digital music at Cafe’ Indie Air with 80% of all sales going to his campaign.



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summer6Our Summer Music Sampler is currently available and has been made possible by the following artist’s.

Casey GarlandDayan KaiDavid GordonIan NarcisiDusty Wright

Hawke RobinsonRobot RavenRussell ThomasStone CupidLaura Coyle

Access any of these artist’s personal IAR pages by clicking on their name above. Sponsorship buttons are available on all artist’s pages. Please consider supporting the individual’s who make this all possible.


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cafe-indie-air-buttonizedCafe’ Indie Air … our unique digital store where you can purchase audio books, full albums, and individual singles from our artist associates. We believe that they deserve top dollar for their music and therefore provide them with one of the highest sales payouts in the industry.

Members of Indie Air Radio always receive a 20% discount on all full album and song singles.

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Potential Artists  we are a curated community of artists. Potential artists are invited by artists associated with us or by Indie Air Radios management.

Upon acceptance artists have a variety of marketing platforms, services and financial opportunities available to them.

For information email artists@indieairradio.com   

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