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Indie Air RadioBased in Spokane, WA, Indie Air Radio is a 24/7 Internet radio station that is publicly accessible through all streaming platforms. Our broadcast format is similar to public and community radio. If you are an individual who buys local and supports small businesses you are probably “one of our people”. Delivering unique, intelligent and insightful content is our goal.

We are a curated, (by invitation), cooperative community of artists funded by underwriters, listening members and artist/ DJ subscriptions. Our subscribing artists and DJ’s (partnered associates) are supported by our underwriters and listening members subscriptions. Our partnered associates receive 50% of all subscription revenue.

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“Community is Our Cornerstone”



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 Meet Jonathan Nicholson … our “Featured Artist of the Month”



Jonathan Nicholson has become known as an instrumentalist whose music is introspective and soothing, yet evocative in it’s colorful imagery. A mostly-self taught guitarist, who started learning in his teens, he was influenced by the subtle moods of bands like the Cure to the sheer beauty of the piano works of David Lanz and George Winston. After a stint on the electric guitar he returned to his initial love of the acoustic guitar incorporating the sounds of other instruments like the piano, harp and more into his now very signature style … (see more).


Current members can receive their copy of They Were Evenings Like No Other, this months album download, by going to the Members Lounge here.

Jonathan is offering all new members an album download. As a part of membership you will also become one of his sponsors. 50% of your $10 monthly subscription will go directly to Jonathan helping him offset costs for his on-going creative projects.



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Our Spring Music Sampler features the following artists.

Casey GarlandDayan KaiGigi Love – Ian NarcisiGIANTfingers – Regina LaRocca – The Rising Tide

Hawke RobinsonRobot Raven – Steven Graves – Laura Coyle – Matt PalkaJulie Christensen

You can access the web page of any of these artists by clicking on their name above. Please consider supporting the individuals who make this all possible through your monthly sponsorship support.


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Potential Artists  we are a curated, (by invitation), cooperative community of artists. Potential artists are invited by our partnered artist associates or by Indie Air Radio management.

Upon acceptance artists have a variety of marketing platforms, services and financial opportunities available to them.

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“Community is Our Cornerstone”