Workshops @ Indie Air Radio – Provisions & Terms of Agreement


Workshop bookings are only available to artists associated with Indie Air Radio. Information for our association program can be found here.


Terms of Agreement:

Time Duration: The artist determines start, break and end times.

Seating: Maximum capacity is 36.

Tuition Fee: The artist determines the tuition fee. Tuition can be paid in advance through our website or at the door on the day of the workshop. Members of Indie Air Radio receive a 20% discount on tuition.

Payment: The artist receives all tuition proceeds, minus any transaction fees. Artists are paid by company check at the conclusion of their workshop.

Merchandise: The artist runs and retains 100% of their merchandise sales.



Stage: 16’x10’x1’.

Stage Lighting: 4 LED stage lights.

Sound: 2 Peavy 12M house speakers. 2 Peavy 12M monitor speakers. Yamaha MG 166CX 12 channel mixing board. QSC PLX 1804 power amp. Behringer FBQ1502HD duel 15 band graphic equalizer. An assortment of dynamic and condenser microphones, DI boxes and limited backline is available.


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