Workshops @ Indie Air Radio – Provisions & Terms of Agreement



Seating: The presenter/artist determines class size. Maximum capacity is 36 seats.

Admission Fee: The presenter/artist determines the admission fee. Participants can secure their place in advance through our web site or at the door on the day of the workshop. Members of Indie Air Radio receive a 20% discount.

Venue: 16’x10’x1’ stage, sound re-enforcement for the house, sound re-enforcement for the stage and stage lighting.


Terms of Agreement:

Time Duration: The presenter/artist determines start, break and end times. 

Payment: The presenter/artist will be paid 100% of all admission fees minus any fees associated with on-line purchases. The presenter/artist will be paid in the form of a company check at the conclusion of the workshop.

Merchandise: The presenter/artist retains 100% of their merchandise sales.

Partnership: The presenter/artist must be an associate or member of Indie Air Radio.

* Information for our Association Program can be found here.

* Information for our Membership Program can be found here.


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