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About Us

Indie Air Radio is a fair trade media company, Internet radio station, concert venue and music/podcast distributor owned by a group of musical artists and podcasters. Connecting with listeners and fans is our goal. Our commercial free broadcast consists of a variety of music mixed with public affairs podcasts. In order for us to remain commercial free we rely on financial support from listening members and underwriters.


What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a combination of web presence and on-air announcements recognizing a business, an organization, or an individual, and is made in exchange for funding. Underwriting is a great way to connect with our listeners while supporting our podcasts and the station. 40% of your underwriting cost helps cover the stations operating and administrative costs and 60% is allocated to podcast support. If you are a business or an organization it is likely that underwriting is tax deductible.


How Does it Work?

Select your favorite podcast to support. 60% of your monthly underwriting subscription will support your selected podcast. You will receive personal on-air recognition during your sponsored podcasts broadcasts. Individual podcasts air 2 times per week.

You will be included in audio promos recognizing all of our underwriting sponsors. Our promos air 4 times per day.

Your logo and web address will be included on your selected podcasts various web pages.

Your logo, web address, and approved copy recognizing you, will be included on our supporting underwriters main page. You can view the supporting underwriters main page here.

Station membership privileges and benefits are included in all underwriting subscriptions. You can view all membership benefits here.

We do not carry contracts. You may cancel your underwriting subscription at any time.


What Does it Cost?

A single podcast underwriting subscription starts at $50 per month. We offer discounts for multiple podcast underwriting subscriptions. Email info@indieairradio.com for rates.


How Do I Become a Subscribing Underwriter and Podcast Supporter?

Select the podcast that you wish to support from the drop down menu below. Information for podcasts that are available for support can be viewed here, (past podcasts are not eligible for support). 


Select the Podcast show you would like to Underwrite.


Once your subscription is active we will contact you and arrange to have you send us your marketing materials.


Do You Have Questions? Contact us here.