Indie Air Radio Winter Music Sampler 2019


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8 Songs.

Genre: Various.

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#1) Saint Jacks Parade, “Higher Love” from the album: Saint Jacks Parade

#2) Hawke Robinson’s Synthetic Zen, “Trio In 3rd Species For Bass Flute Mandolin” from the album: Zentastic

#3) Whitherward, “Ghosts Of Germantown” from the album: Single

#4) John Rigg, “Colonel Bogey” from the album: Rigged

#5) Heart Avail, “Always” from the album: Breaking All The Rules

#6) Casey Garland, “Casey’s Homemade Jam” from the album: The River Keeps On Flowing

#7) Dana Cooper, “In My Living Room” from the album: Miracle Mile

#8) Keith Greeninger, “Jimmy And The Crows” from the album: Soul Connection


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