Indie Air Radio Spring Music Sampler 2017


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13 Songs.

Genre: Various.

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#1) Matt Palka, “Some Rock n Roll” from the album: Gypsy

#2) GIANTfingers, “Baby’s on Fire” from the album: GIANTfingers

#3) Laura Coyle, “A Place Like That” from the album: This Immortal Coyle – An Acoustic Resurrection

#4) Casey Garland, “31-33” from the album: The River Keeps On Flowing

#5) Hawke Robinson’s Synthetic Zen, “Funkin’ Groovin’ Quick n Dirty” from the album: Buddhalicious

#6) Ian Narcisi, “Left Behind” from the album: The Story of Blue: Introduction

#7) Regina LaRocca, “Creature Song” from the album: This Inspiration

#8) Robot Raven, “Turn Me On” from the album: Life Goes On

#9) The Rising Tide, “The Good Life” from the album: Mornings Promise

#10) Gigi Love, “In The Grand” from the album: National Parks Centennial Songs

#11) Julie Christensen “People Will Lie” from the album: Soul Driver

#12) Steven Graves, “Somewhere Somehow” from the album: Captain Soul

#13) Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai, “Bid You Goodnight” from the album: Make it Rain


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