Indie Air Radio Fall Music Sampler 2019


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8 Songs.

Genre: Various.

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#1) Hawke Robinson’s Synthetic Zen, “Trio in 3rd Species for Bass Flute and Mandolin” from the album: ZENTASTIC DISC 2

#2) Julie Christensen, “Restless” from the album: WEEDS LIKE US

#3) Brad Keeler, “Transcontinental Highway Blues” from the album: BIG ROCK IN THE MORNING

#4) Lyle Morse, “My Father” from the album: BUFFALO NICKELS

#5) Keith Greeninger, “Be My Baby” from the album: SOUL CONNECTION

#6) Sutrobath, “In a Room” from the album: REPTILE

#7) The Rising Tide, “All These Promises For Rain” from the album: THE THEORIES OF SO-CALLED KINGS

#8) Dana Cooper, “Flat Made Round” from the album: INCENDIARY KID


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