Indie Air Radio Fall Music Sampler 2018


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10 Songs.

Genre: Various.

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#1) Sutrobath, “Coyote” from the album: Coyote

#2) Dayan Kai, “Take Some Time For Pakalolo” from the album: Un-Released

#3) GIANTfingers, “Intimidation” from the album: GIANTfingers

#4) Laura Coyle, “Tonight Might Be” from the album: Lift Your Head

#5) Julie Christensen, “Where The Fireworks Are” from the album: Where The Fireworks Are

#6) The Rising Tide, “My Turn” from the album: Mornings Promise

#7) Laddie Ray Melvin, “Flowers In The Yard” from the album: In The Aftermath

#8) Lyle Morse, “Takin’ Those Chances On Love” from the album: Buffalo Nickles

#9) Ian Narcisi, “Transcendence” from the album: The Story of Blue – Introduction

#10) Saint Jacks Parade, “Rage” from the album: Saint Jacks Parade


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