Indie Air Radio Fall Music Sampler 2016


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14 Songs.

Genre: Various.

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#1) Saint Jacks Parade, “Higher Love” from the album: Saint Jacks Parade

#2) Casey Garland, “Desolation Sounds” from the album: The River Keeps On Flowing

#3) Laura Coyle, “Soul Killer” from the album: Five Mile River Road

#4) Julie Christensen “Slot Machine” from the album: Weeds Like Us

#5) John Rigg, “Fade Away J” from the album: Rigged

#6) The Rising Tide, “The Theories Of So-Called Kings” from the album: The Theories Of So-Called Kings

#7) David Gordon, “Present Condition” from the album: Glide

#8) Russell Thomas, “Slow Down Baby” from the album: Affirmation 

#9) Dayan Kai, “The Sun On The Hillside” from the album: Livin’ Like A Rat Again

#10) Hawke Robinson’s Synthetic Zen, “Drakes Epic” from the album: Buddhalicious

#11) Ian Narcisi, “Little Bit” from the album: Feel No Evil

#12) Steven Graves, “Called Her An Angel” from the album: Captain Soul

#13) Giantfingers, “Harder To Understand” from the album: Giantfingers

#14) Matt Palka, “Carolina” from the album: Saturday Scout Club

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