Artist and Podcast Associate Compensation


Member Sponsorship Program: Invite your fans to become your personal sponsor. Sponsorship is included in our $10 monthly supporting listener membership. You will receive $6 from each member per month who sponsors you. (Example: 5 members = $30 monthly pay check.

Members are not required to select an artist or podcaster to sponsor. 60% of all non-sponsoring members monthly subscription is shared equally between all associates. You can view the Indie Air Radio Membership here.


Tip Jars: Fans who are not ready to commit to sponsorship and members who wish to give a little more can do so through your personal tip jar. Individuals can contribute any amount over $.99 and as often as they wish. You will receive 60% of any personal tips.  


Artist & Podcaster Referral Program: Help us grow our community by inviting fellow artists and podcasters to join with us. You will receive $12 for each artist and/or podcaster per month that associates with us through your referrals. (Example: 5 artists and/or podcasters = $60 monthly pay check).


Workshops @ Indie Air Radio: Share your talents and knowledge with others by presenting a workshop. You determine the size of the class and cost of the workshop. You will receive all admission proceeds.

Our provisions and terms of agreement can be viewed here.  


Concerts @ Indie Air Radio: Be a part of our on-going concert series. Our venue provides patrons with an intimate concert experience and features a fully re-enforced sound stage with lighting. Seating is limited to 45. You will receive all admission proceeds.

Our provisions and terms of agreement can be viewed here.


Digital Sales: Café Indie Air is our in-house store where fans can purchase your digital music. Pricing is determined by you. You will receive all purchase proceeds.

Visit Cafe’ Indie Air here.


Underwriting Sponsorship: Podcasters Only – invite businesses, organizations and individuals to underwrite your podcast show. You will receive $18 – $30 from each underwriter per month who sponsors your show. (Example: 5 underwriters = $90 – $150 monthly pay check.

You can view our Underwriting Sponsorship Program here.

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