Artist and Podcast Ownership Compensation


You Will Receive Monthly Income From Our Station Members: 80% of our station members subscription fees support our group and 20% supports our operating costs. Members are not locked in to supporting our group and may choose to support an individual artist or podcast instead.

Invite friends and fans to become a station member and one of your personal supporters. Monthly station membership subscriptions start at $7 and you will receive 80% of each members subscription that choose to support you. As a group member you will receive the same benefits as our station members, which can be viewed here.

Referrals: Help us grow by inviting other artists and producers to join with our group. You will receive an annual commission of $84 for each successful referral.

Cafe’ Indie Air Music Sales: You will receive all sales proceeds minus fees. Pricing is determined by you. Visit Cafe’ Indie Air here.

Concerts at Indie Air Radio: You will receive all admission proceeds minus taxes and fees. View our terms of agreement and provisions here.

Workshops at Indie Air Radio: Share your knowledge and talent by teaching a workshop. You will receive all tuition proceeds minus fees. View our terms of agreement and provisions here.

Underwriting Advertising Program – Podcast Producers Only: Invite businesses, organizations and individuals to underwrite and advertise on your podcast. Underwriting subscriptions start at $50 per month and you will receive 50% of each underwriters subscription that chooses to support your podcast. View the Underwriting Advertising Program here.