Artist and Podcast Associate Compensation


Membership Support: Invite friends and fans to become a supporting member of the station, with subscriptions starting at $7 per month. When signing up, members must choose to either support an individual artist, podcast, or the group. 80% of their monthly subscription supports their selected artist, podcast, or group, and 20% supports the station.

We appreciate our members and provide them with a variety of benefits which include discounts on music purchases, discounts on admission to concerts, free monthly music downloads and more. Group members receive the same benefits as our supporting members. To view membership benefits click here.

Tip Jars: Fans who are not ready to commit to membership, and members who wish to give a little more can do so through your personal tip jar. You will receive all proceeds minus any fees.

Referrals: Help us grow our group by inviting other musical artists and podcast producers to join with us. You will receive an annual commission of $84 for each artist or producer that associates with us.

Digital Music Sales: CafĂ© Indie Air is our on-line store where fans can purchase your music. Pricing is determined by you. You will receive all sales, minus fees. To visit Cafe’ Indie Air click here.

Concerts: Our venue has been consistently recognized as ‘the best listening room in Spokane’. You will receive all admission proceeds, minus fees and taxes. To view our terms of agreement and provisions click here.

Workshops: Share your knowledge and talent with others by teaching a workshop. You will receive all tuition proceeds, minus fees. To view our terms of agreement and provisions click here.

Underwriting Advertising Program – Podcast Producers Only: Invite businesses, organizations and individuals to underwrite and advertise on your podcast. Underwriting subscriptions start at $50 per month. You will receive 50% of each underwriters subscription that chooses to support your podcast,.

Underwriters receive the same benefits that our supporting station members receive. To view the Underwriting Advertising Program click here.