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“Community is Our Cornerstone”


Reasons to Become a Listening Member ($10 per month) – Key Benefits


* Sponsor your favorite partnered artist or DJ associate. 50% of your monthly subscription will be paid to the artist or DJ of choice and help fund their on-going creative work.

* You will receive a monthly album download of our featured “Artist of the Month”.

* You will receive a quarterly album download of our music sampler.

* You will receive unique single song downloads through our Members Lounge.

* You will receive a 20% discount on albums and song singles purchased at Cafe’ Indie Air, our digital store.

* When in Spokane, you will receive a 20% discount on admission to Concerts @ Indie Air Radio, our live concert series.

* When in Spokane, you will receive a 20% discount on admission to our educational workshops.

* You can view our complete Listening Member Program and become a member here.


Reasons to Become an Underwriter (starting at $50 per month) – Key Benefits


* Our DJ’s will personally share your message with our listeners.

* You will receive personal recognition through on-going audio spots.

* You will receive recognition through unique posts on our web site.

* 50% of your monthly underwriting subscription will be paid to your selected DJ(s) providing them funding for the on-going creation of their show.

* Listening Membership benefits are included, (see benefits here).

* You can view our complete Underwriting Program and become an underwriter here.


“Community is Our Cornerstone”