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Beta Bronze Membership – $10 per month.


Benefits Include … 

~ A monthly album download of our featured “Artist of the Month”.

~ A quarterly album download of our music sampler.

~ A yearly “Best Of” album download.

~ Download unique song singles through our Members Lounge.

~ A 20% discount on purchases at Cafe’ Indie Air, our digital music store.

~ A 20% discount on admission to Concerts @ Indie Air Radio, our live concert series.

~ A 20% discount on admission to our educational workshops.

~ Receive unique members only discounts and promotions.

~ A $10 reimbursement for every new member who lists you as their contact through our member recruitment program.

~ A monthly newsletter.

~ Sponsorship is included in your $10 monthly membership. $6 will be paid to your selected artist or DJ and $4 will support the station.


To Become a Beta Bronze Member … click/tap on the drop down menu below to see which artists and DJ’s are eligible for sponsorship. DJ’s are identified by the name of their DJ Show (ALL CAPITALIZED).

Sponsorship is not required but is encouraged. Subscribers who choose not to sponsor, 60% of your subscription will be shared equally between our partnered artist and DJ associates. We pay our artists and DJ’s monthly.


 To Become an Underwriter … for complete information and sign-up click/tap here.


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