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Indie Air Radio, LLC is a Internet radio station, music distributor, podcast distributor, concert venue and a fair trade media company owned by a group of musical artists and podcasters.

We invite you to consider becoming a supporting member or underwriter of the station with subscriptions starting at $10 per month. 40% of your subscription will assist us with our operating and administrative costs and 60% will support our group. Choosing to personally support an individual artist or podcast, and carry multiple subscriptions is also an option.



* Download our “Featured Album of the Month”.

* Download our quarterly music samplers.

* Download our annual “Best Of” music sampler.

* Receive a 40% discount on our “Featured Album of the Week”.

* Receive a 20% discount on purchases at Cafe’ Indie Air, our digital music store.

* Receive a 20% discount on admission to our live concerts.

* Receive a 20% discount on admission to our workshops.

* Businesses receive a complimentary listing. To view our business affiliates click/tap here.

* Receive a $10 reimbursement for every new member who lists you as their contact through our member recruitment program.

* Receive our monthly newsletter.

* Receive satisfaction knowing that you are supporting independent, artist owned media. 



$10 Monthly Membership – Option 1: Support one of our artists or podcasts. Your selected artist or podcast will receive $6 of your $10 monthly subscription. To select an artist or podcast to support go to the drop down menu below. Podcasts are (CAPITALIZED).

$10 Monthly Membership – Option 2: Support our group of artists and podcasts. $6 of your $10 monthly subscription will be shared equally between all artists and podcasts. Select Group Sponsorship at the drop down menu below.

Create a Higher Priced Monthly Membership: Choose your membership price. After making your artist, podcast or group selection enter the amount that you would like your monthly subscription to be in the box labeled Your Price: $ (price must be more than $10). 60% of your monthly subscription will support your selected artist, podcast, or our group, and 40% will support the station.

Carry Multiple Memberships: Support multiple artists and/or podcasts by creating a subscription for each artist and podcast that you would like to support. Your selected artists or podcasts will receive 60% of your $10 minimum monthly subscriptions. To select artists and/or podcasts go to the drop down menu below. Podcasts are (CAPITALIZED).


Select the Artist or Podcast you would like to Support
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