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LIVING ON PURPOSE Podcast: Produced by consultants Mark Pumphrey and Dr. Kristie Stewart. Airs Wednesday at 7am and 6pm Pacific Time.

LIVING ON PURPOSE embraces the concept of making the world around us extraordinary by simply sharing our personal gifts with one another. This weekly podcast will help you discover more meaning in life by taking your experiences, strengths and passions, and use them to make positive differences in the world. To suggest a topic for an upcoming show email



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Mark and Kristie donate all podcast support revenue to the Santa Maria Del Fiat School student scholarship fund. You can find scholarship funding information here.



Hear an interview with Jim Campbell, Santa Maria Del Fiat Schools director of charities.


What folks are saying about The LIVING ON PURPOSE Podcast:

“Living On Purpose with Dr. Kristie and Mark is the highlight of my Wednesday. I’m always laughing while being inspired. Thanks for being in my ears.” ~ Kirsten Ranly

“Every week brings a new topic that makes me think outside the box. My favorite so far was with the nearly 80 year old who is traveling and doing things I never thought I could do at my age now (59). I am starting to think about my own bucket list of things I would like to try. One of the best things about the podcast is that it makes me think about how programmed I am in my own thoughts and ways to see things differently. Every Wednesday I’m ready to listen, learn and make my life a bit better.” ~ Susan Bennett

“I don’t miss a podcast and even take notes on self improvement. Live in the moment. Thanks for such great programs.” ~ Sandra Mulinaro



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