Inner Awakened

10399827_161640768011_1577794_nINNER AWAKENED ~ Hosted by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Inner Awakening student Ian Narcisi, heard every Thursday @ 11 am and 7 pm Pacific Time.

INNER AWAKENED is a spirituality based program which will introduce you to Ian’s Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, (referred to his followers as Swamiji), and his very powerful self-healing process called Completion. From his various twenty-one day Inner Awakening programs, held in his Ashram in Southern India and other locations around the world to his two-day online two-way workshops, Swamiji heals the body and mind in profound and miraculous ways.

Join with Ian as he spins up spiritually themed music while sharing topics and discussions which stem from Swamiji’s teachings.



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