Guru Internet Services Bio

guru-internet-services-logoIndie Air Radio uses Guru Internet Services as our website consulting service. They have been key in rolling out all of our latest updates and continue to provide timely top-notch website development services. Their motto is “Customer Service IS Our First Priority” and they have proven that time and time again.

Guru Internet Services offers a 20% discount to any Indie Air Artist and a 10% discount to any supporting member of Indie Air Radio. For more details, please contact their sales team at +1-888-639-0777 and mention your affiliation with Indie Air Radio.

“I am proud to serve and support Indie Air Radio and their artists. Aside from being a huge geek, I am also a musician and song writer myself. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the incredible growing community of IAR and look forward to many years of great things to come!” – Christopher Harden/Owner: Visit official web site.