Divin’e In Podcasts



Episode 65 (with guest Mari Weiss): I’m Your Captain



Episode 64 (with guest Wendel Meldrum): Let’s See What Happens



Episode 63 (with guest Mari Weiss): Are You Listening?



Episode 62 (with guest Mari Weiss): A Co-Active World View



Episode 61 (with guest Wendel Meldrum): Gender Identity



Episode 60 (with guest Wendel Meldrum): Identity



Episode 59 (with guest Mari Weiss): Musings on When Things Fall Apart



Episode 58: What Are You Saying Yes To?



Episode 57: What Are You Practicing?



Episode 56: Slowing Down



Episode 55 (with guest Wendel Meldrum): Everybody Outta The Pool – Part 2



Episode 54 (with guest Wendel Meldrum): Everybody Outta The Pool – Part 1



Episode 53 (with guest Mari Weiss): Stop Making Sense



Episode 52 (with guest Mari Weiss): Good Grief



Episode 51: Commitments and Stuff



Episode 50: Authenticity and Transparency Within You Without You



Episode 49 (with guest Mari Weiss): The Myth of Certainty



Episode 48 (with guest Ron Frederick): Captain and Crew



Episode 47: Slough It Off



Episode 46 (with guest Mari Weiss): Carpe Diem



Episode 45 (with guest Mari Weiss): Radical Self Care



Episode 44: NCRW



Episode 43: May You Live In Interesting Times



Episode 42: The Word



Episode 41: Lessons From Christmas Classic’s



Rebroadcast Episode 5: Christmas and Holiday Challenge



Episode 40 (with guest Mari Weiss): Back To The Garden



Episode 39: Dealing With Negativity



Episode 38 (with guest Mari Weiss): Giving Thanks



Episode 37 (with guest Mari Weiss): Building Bridges



Episode 36 (with guest Kat Poulsen): Emotion In Interaction



Episode 35 (with guest Mari Weiss): Back To Basics



Episode 34: Mindfulness Meditation



Episode 33 (with guest Mari Weiss): Living The Creative Life Part 2



Episode 32 (with guest Mari Weiss): The Four Agreements Part 4 (Always Do Your Best)



Episode 31: The Four Agreements Part 3 (Don’t Make Assumptions)



Episode 30: The Four Agreements Part 2 (Don’t Take Anything Personally)



Episode 29: The Four Agreements Part 1 (Be Impeccable With Your Word)



Episode 28: Growing Up



Episode 27: The Business Of Dying



Episode 26: The Inquiry



Episode 25: Meet Your Future Self Part 2



Episode 24: Meet Your Future Self Part 1



Episode 23: Let Me Be Your Sledgehammer



Episode 22: The Wisdom Of Maude



Episode 21: To Be With It Or Not To Be With It



Episode 20: The New Great Depression



Episode 19: Silence Is Golden



Episode 18: The Wizard Of Oz



Episode 17: Wheel Of Life



Episode 16 (with guest Cerris Morgan Moyer): Technology, Friend Or Foe



Episode 15: The New Aging Epidemic



Episode 14: A House Divided



Episode 13: Cheer Up, Life Is Difficult



Episode 12 (with guest Cerris Morgan Moyer): The High Cost Of Creative Living



Episode 11: Get A Heart On



Episode 10: The Art Of Doing Nothing



Episode 9: Saboter



Episode 8: Games People Play



Episode 7: Befriending The Ending



Episode 6: Another New Year



Episode 5: Christmas Holiday Challenge



Episode 4: Sacred or Scared



Episode 3: Anam Cara



Episode 2: Forgiveness



Episode 1: Program Pilot