Concerts @ Indie Air Radio – Provisions & Terms of Agreement



Admission Fee: The artist determines the admission fee. $10-$20 per patron if you are a local artist or $20-$30 per patron if you are a touring artist is suggested. Transactions can be made in advance through our web site or at the door on the day of the show. Members of Indie Air Radio receive a 20% discount.

Seating: Maximum capacity for groups of 1-3 musicians is 45 seats (36 seats on the main floor and 9 seats on-stage). Larger groups consisting of a maximum of 5 musicians eliminates the on-stage seating reducing capacity to 36 seats.

Venue: Green room, 16’x10’x1’ stage, sound re-enforcement for the house, sound re-enforcement for the stage, limited back line and stage lighting. Audio engineering is provided. If the artist provides an audio engineer please let us know.

Workshops: If scheduling allows consider sharing your talents and knowledge with others by presenting an educational workshop. You can find information here.

Lodging: On premises lodging with up to (2) guest rooms (1 full sized bed per room) is available. Kitchen, bathroom, living and dining facilities are also included. Advance notice is required to secure lodging.


Terms of Agreement:

Performance Duration: The artist will perform (2) 50 min. sets with a 20 min. break between sets. 

Payment: The artist will be paid 100% of all admission fees minus any fees associated with on-line purchases and any applicable taxes. The artist will be paid in the form of a company check or through PayPal at the conclusion of the performance.

Merchandise: The artist retains 100% of their merchandise sales.

Partnership: Concerts @ Indie Air Radio is an opportunity and service only provided to associates of Indie Air Radio. Information for our Association Program can be found here.

Audio Archive: All concerts are recorded in audio format. The artist grants broadcast and listen only podcast rights to Indie Air Radio.


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To inquire about booking a concert or workshop send us a contact form here.


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