Bob’s Bio


I have worked in the music industry for over 40 years beginning with record retail in the late 70’s. Being a part of Eucalyptus Records & Tapes management team was the best job that I held working for someone else. Since then I have been mostly self-employed. Being a 40+ year working musician it is not rare to see me performing regionally. A lot of people remember me as “Crossroads Bob”,  the program host of Crossroads at Thin Air Community Radio, KYRS, Spokane, WA, which aired weekly from December 2003 through June of 2015.

In addition to my musically related work I owned and operated a fine art portrait photography studio for 20 years. During this time I also taught photography through the City of Spokane’s Park & Recreations department for 10 years.

During the advent of rock n’ roll and the early British Invasion I was a child. As a teenager I experienced the birth of album oriented FM radio. These were pivotal periods in musics history. The terrestrial airwaves were filled with “golden musical nuggets”.

Fast forwarding to the present … terrestrial radio was king and is now nearly dead. Internet streaming has become the source for distributing music and entertainment to a global consumer market. One thing which has not changed is that capital is still the king. Individuals with deep pockets and big money corporations continue to control the lions share of the content being distributed, often choosing to focus on a small select group of artists which will make them big money in a short amount of time.

Studies show that the current music industry models serve less than 10% of artists fairly. Indie Air Radio exists as an alternative model that emphasizes the value of creative individuals and their work. Providing creatives opportunities to market and receive fair compensation for their work is our mission.

As a listener it is my hope that you will support Indie Air Radio. Your membership dollars help us continue to develop new products and services and provide financial support to our artists and DJ’s. You can view our current membership benefits here.

This is my short story. For those who are curious about my journey you can find it  here.

“Life is Art” … my personal mantra. ~ Bob Rice