Beta Bronze Membership Benefits

Valued at $7 per month

* Receive complete web site access
* Provide 50% sponsorship support to one or more of our partnered DJ associates
* Receive complete access to our Members Only Lounge
* Receive a monthly full album download of our featured “Artist of the Month”
* Receive a quarterly full album download of our music sampler
* Receive a 20% discount on full album, individual song singles and audio books at our digital store, Cafe’ Indie, where our artists receive 90% of all sales.
* Receive appreciation through our unique artist promotions
* Receive access to download and/or listen to all of our DJ Show podcasts
* Receive access to our Audio Room where you will find individual song singles to download
* Receive a $10 reimbursement for every 3 new members who list you as their contact thru our “Bring in 3 and Get 1 Month Free” recruitment program.
* Receive our monthly newsletter