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Visit Official Site: Whitherward is an international indie-folk/Americana touring duo. Edward A. Williams and Ashley E. Norton formed the duo in Nashville back in 2014. Shortly after, they put everything into storage and hit the road permanently, never settling anywhere and living to play music they love for people who love music. Their last tour overseas was Sponsored by Subaru Europe. Playing over 200 shows a year enables them to reach a number of diehard fans, new destinations, and old friends that serve to grow an ever-expanding audience.



They have about ten official music videos, 5 albums with a sixth on the way, and a ton of fun material you can watch on YouTube.



We are proud to partner with Whitherward in the digital release of HUMAN ALBUM! To download the album for $6.99 click/tap here. Whitherward receives all purchase proceeds.



Fun Fact: Whitherward is an Old English adverb that means “in which direction”. The word seems to invite an eternal question; it feels like the perfect fit for a duo that constantly seeks to reinvent itself in every aspect of its existence, always looking for the next impossible question to answer. There is forward; there is backward; and then there is Whitherward.





“Community is Our Cornerstone”