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Visit Official Site: Telecraze is an Iranian alternative music project from Tehran.

In the Western world, rock ’n’ roll is held to be synonymous with rebellion but in Iran, according to Hamid Sami, frontman of the Tehran quintet Telecraze, “the rock music scene is an art scene.” That said, very aggressive-sounding music is banned and those who sing in English, as Sami does, are restricted to playing shows for fewer than 400 people. English music can’t be released legally in Iran. Sami grew up listening to cassettes by Pink Floyd and Radiohead that friends relatives had acquired from outside the country. His English sung music blends acoustic and electric rock with subtle electronic textures and glitchy beats.

The bands debut EP Knockout Mice was released in 2014.


Full album and single song downloads of Knockout Mice is available at Cafe’ Indie Air.




Read an interview with Hamid Sami posted on the music blog Chicago ‘N Beyond here.

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