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Visit Official Site: Sutrobath was formed in 1997 by songwriter Michael Soiseth and co-creator Robert Wollam. Best friends since high school, the two got their name when they spotted pictures of a old, formerly grand pool/amusement park by the sea in San Francisco called the Sutros Bath House. The images matched the sound and hence the name Sutrobath. The two enlisted guitar virtuoso Rob Jacob and set out to create original rock music that was big, bombastic, and un-apologetically grand.

Their first release in 1999, SPIRIT OF THE AUDIO, was selected as one of the best new alternative rock acts by the former with over 500,000 downloads. In 2001 they released their second CD AQUATICA. This project was more ambitious in scope and was critically well received. Currently the CD is licensed by ‘Music of the Sea’ out of Chicago.



After taking a decade plus off from music the trio began recording again in 2015, the results of which took the form of two new EPs released in August of 2017, the dark and brooding six song REPTILE and a five tune rocker entitled COYOTE.

Michael Soiseth is also a member of the band Raygun Carver, with information available here.


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