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Visit Official Site: Steven Graves five-piece, all-original Americana/California country band has been expanding their audience nationally and is celebrating an incredibly successful year of national radio play and touring up and down the West coast. This year the band played several national festivals, including the Tucson Folk Festival in early May, toured throughout Northern and Southern California, as well as Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon.

Steven describes his “socially conscious” roots music. He explains, “We’re kind of our own genre! I like to throw elements of country, folk rock, gospel and even reggae into the melting pot and see what emerges. We are all about authenticity and making music that is inspiring and helps people feel good. After all, that’s what it’s all about. Music is the medicine and its fun too!” Steven puts a new and fresh spin on old-school country and folk rock grooves not only with stellar instrumentation that includes sax, electric and acoustic guitars, keys, drums, and bass, but also soaring vocal harmonies.



There is a new age spiritualism that permeates through most of his compositions. He was nominated in 2013 for a Native American Music Award for his “White Buffalo” song, co-written with Ray Newkirk. Graves has worked closely with grassroots organizations helping Native American communities. One of Steven’s biggest fans and advocates is Dennis McNally, who collaborated with the Grateful Dead for more than thirty years. With McNally’s help, the band has an ever growing presence in the Grateful Dead and jam band circles.

Steven brings with him a group of seasoned and veteran musicians including; bassist David Mendoza (Lydia Pense & Coldblood), vocalist and drummer David Tucker (Tommy Castro, Maria Mauldar), guitarist Duncan Shipton, and sax player Armen Boyd (Big Band Beat). Other musicians that often play and tour with the band include vocalist Alysha Antonino (Pete Escovido), pianist Jon Dryden (Norah Jones) and pedal steel player Bruce Wandemayer (Trailer Park Troubadours).




There is some Hunter and Buffet and god knows what else woven through the tracks. It’s a mellow but intricate collection that I find very pleasing. ~ Sandy Weinman: Disc Jockey | KPFT-FM – Houston, TX

American roots music, compellingly honest, beautifully crafted and fully realized songs that just happen to be in the Americana realm. Really good stuff. ~ Dennis McNally: Grateful Dead Publicist









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