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Visit Official Site: Stacey Earle’s first show was on an arena stage in Sydney, playing rhythm guitar in her brother’s band, Steve Earle & the Dukes, on “The Hard Way” tour in 1990. Stacey appeared on Steve Earle and The Dukes recordings, The Hard Way 1990, Shut Up And Die Like An Aviator 1991 and Transcendental Blues 2000.

She spent about a year and a half on tour with her brother and then returned to Nashville to start a career of her own as a country/folk singer/songwriter. It was there she found she had a lot more to learn, risks to take and lot’s of dues to pay. She felt she had a lot against her. “I was 30 years old and seeking a recording deal in Nashville at that age was like asking god to turn back the world clock”. She would later land a staff writing position with the Publishing Co. Ten Ten Music. She will tell you it is an art in itself to write for other artists, but before that she would meet her husband Mark Stuart – “I learned almost all the best of my musicianship from Mark, exploring a wide range of influences from blues to folk to rockabilly to country. Between the two of us we had a lot to show and tell. We still learn from each other day in and out. A great songwriter and musician never should stop learning”.



Mark was in off the road when he met Stacey and that very night that he would play the first note of her music never leaving her side. Stacey and Mark over the years have lived and learned so much from each other. They have always found themselves inseparable from the beginning. It is playing music day in and out together that locked in the sound and love they could not unlock if they tried. Their songs are the diaries of their life good times and bad, completing the love they have.






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