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Solveig and Stevie bring a soulful pop/rock feel to an eclectic sound featuring female lead vocals, pleasing harmonies and melodic bass lines in the style of Fleetwood Mac, Natalie Merchant, and Patti Smith.

Solveig Whittle is the lead vocalist, lyricist, and business side of the duo Solveig & Stevie, whose other member is studio musician and producer, Stevie Adamek. Stevie was originally signed by Scepter Records (with the See Band) and then Columbia Records (Bighorn). He also composed for and performed with the iconic Seattle band, The Allies, one of the first bands to have a music video on MTV (Emma Peel). Stevie has played with and produced local Seattle area bands for over 40 years, and he continues to mentor, produce and collaborate with a wide range of artists from metal to pop and singer-songwriter. Solveig and Stevie teamed up and started writing together in 2010. Solveig was the lead vocalist for Seattle-area pop folk band Shades of Red from 2004 to 2011.

Fire and Other Playthings is Solveig & Stevie’s second CD together, after the fall 2013 release of Zombie Lover. They also write and record music for events, for other musicians, and for television and film licensing. Solveig regularly contributes articles on the music industry and music marketing to Hypebot and other online music industry blogs. As both a technologist and life-long learner, Solveig holds an engineering degree, an MBA and a K-8 Teaching Certificate. In addition to writing, performing and licensing her music, she also works as an independent marketing consultant for tech companies and musicians, teaches seminars on music marketing, and is a social media instructor at the University of Washington in their Professional and Continuing Education certificate program.

Solveig began performing in college singing covers by James Taylor, the Eagles, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt with Velvy Appleton of indie folk band Spark and Whisper and Dave Eresian of the Brazlian samba-funk band Nobody from Ipanema. As a marketer with various large tech companies in the 1990s, she sidelined in several corporate bands, including one of the first techie “Battles of the Band” ever held. While at Microsoft, Solveig also played in a band with guitarist and software guru Jim Allchin. She has collaborated on several songs with former Heart guitarist, now solo artist, Roger Fisher, with whom she recorded the Zombie Lover Noisetrade bonus track, Master of My Day. Solveig and Stevie collaborate regularly with Seattle musicians Don Wilhelm (The Daily Flash), Gary Shelton, and Jerry Battista (Dusty 45s/ Davanos). Solveig and Stevie have also collaborated with singer-songwriters Kevin Jones (East River Studio, London, UK), Elizabeth Butler (Running Home Records, Texas), and producer Danny McCarthy (Silver Scrapes/League of Legends and Fracture/Discovery Channel) and hip hop artist UltraLOVE (Michael John Wagner). Light The Fire was co-written with Butler Paternostro, and appears as a bonus track on her 2014 release, Love, Loss and Stuff Like That.