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Visit Official Site: Robot Raven is the imaginative musical invention of two seasoned songwriters – John Rigg and Edmond Bruneau, Rigg single-handedly orchestrates both the top and bottom lines of the music and Bruneau writes all the lyrics.

Rigg has four other CD’s to his credit, including early work with the stadium rock group Abiqua on Abiqua Remastered & Abiqua Live and his two solo efforts Rigged & Folk Fresco. He is a world renown robot builder/inventor and owns what may be the world’s largest and most complete museum dedicated to toy and replica robots, called the Robot Hut Museum, located in Northeastern Washington state.



Bruneau gained attention in the early 70’s as drummer for the infamous Seattle garage band, Sky Dog Band and wrote numerous commercial jingles with his then writing partner Bruce Innes. He has two books of poetry to his name, Colors of My Within and the recently released New Hues and Past Tales.

Rigg/Bruneau have written over fifty original songs together and are considered some of the most proficient song gurus around. Their penchant for the “classic rock sound” shapes Robot Raven’s unique and interesting arrangements, although the group never fears to divert to other musical genres occasionally for the sheer fun of it.


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