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Visit Official Site: Raygun Carver hails from the Pacific NW not far from the town of Twin Peaks. When not channeling his muse he can be found searching for that perfect piece of pie at some local diner. In late 2018 he released his debut EP, ‘Moon Fields Yawning’ part 1. Part 2 will be released in early 2019.

Raygun Carver is also a member of the band Sutrobath.


WRONG WAY from michael soiseth on Vimeo.



“He sings about life’s struggles and speaks the truth about emotions that every human being experiences at least once in their life.” (Rock The Pigeon).

“… a wistful manifestation of a tried and true form of traditional folk art.” (Santa Rosa Records).

“… has easily created a niche for unique and novel music…his artistic fuel puts him in gear to deliver some high concept music.” (Gas Mask Magazine).

“… sounds like a Night in the Desert.” (Salute Magazine).

Read what Asher Garcia has to say about the single “Jesus He’s Right” published in Gas Mask Magazine on October 21, 2017, here.

Read what Salute Magazine has to say about the single “Would I Lie To You?” published September 21, 2017, here.








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