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Visit Official Site: Patrice Webb is a singer songwriter who’s life has taken her from the back-roads of the Sierra Nevada to the hills of Northern Idaho where she lives with her husband and family of 4 legged critters. Patrice’s songs tell of the lives of those who’s stories make up the vibrant tapestry known as “Americana”. These are songs that are sung in a voice full of poignancy and humor and are described as “snapshots in time told on a bed of folk, country, swing, and the blues.”

Although Patrice is often compared to iconic 60’s folk singers, such as Joan Baez and Judy Collins, she also takes inspiration from the music of Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharp, and Django Reinhardt. As a result of this multi-colored musical stew, her music swings to the beat of 1940’s western swing, lingers a bit on what might be called “barefoot gypsy jazz” then veers off into honky tonkin’ country and bluegrass before it rests on the sweet sounds of quiet story telling folk – oh and did we mention the blues?



Patrice has released three CDs, PHOTOGRAPHS (2011), TURNING OF THE PAGE (2014) and IN MY SENTIMENTAL DREAMING (2019). Her CDs have received international airplay and praised for their diversity and vivid storytelling. Her music is best described as “homemade with pride” in ways that define and speak of a life of more than 50 years walking the back roads of a diverse musical tapestry known as Americana.


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