Nicole Lewis

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Since driving home a brand new Toyota Camry from Washington’s Gimme the MIKE! television competition, pop country artist Nicole Lewis has hit her stride as a singer and performer. From winning Gimme the MIKE! to performing with Ben Folds, Regis Philbin, and Vicci Martinez, Nicole is quickly emerging as a fresh creative voice. Opportunities to sing for popular competitions such as American Idol, The Voice, and winning state competitions such as the Texaco Country Showdown have brought her dreams to life. She can also be found playing at festivals in the Northwest with her band, headlining Spokane, Washington’s 4th of July celebration for an audience of 10,000+, showcasing for events such as Oregon’s 100th birthday in the Oregon House of Representatives, and singing the National Anthem at large sporting events.

In 2013, Nicole recorded at Dark Horse Studios in Nashville, TN alongside artists Hunter Hayes and The Eli Young Band. With the December release of her debut album, My Kind of Paradise, Nicole shows with captivating honesty and effortless fluency that she is indeed here to stay.