Michael McDermott

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The anthemic, arena-filling “Scars From Another Life” (from his forthcoming album Hit Me Back) paints the a picture of how far singer-songwriter Michael McDermott has come: “I was so down … I had completely lost my way / When I hit Broadway I began to realize / That all they are scars from another life.” His life since becoming a recording artist — full of myriad highest highs, gutter-skimming lows, and absolute rock bottoms of the past two decades — could read like a screenplay, but with stories so ridiculously outlandish that they couldn’t possibly be true.

All of it — the addiction, the failed relationships, the financial dramas, the career hurdles — have left plenty of scars, but McDermott’s moving on, moving up, and taking charge. He makes no excuses for his past — it has made him who he is today — but sings to everyone listening (and to himself): “Don’t run away, they’re scars from another life.”

It’s been quite a ride since singer/songwriter Michael McDermott unleashed his debut, 620 West Surf, but one might even go so far as to say that his 2012 release, Hit Me Back, represents the work of a new artist: for the first time in his recording career, McDermott is a father, a philanthropic entrepreneur, and has experienced the loss of an adored parent. All are major life changes which have found achingly honest expression in his songs.