Mark Pumphrey

Mark Pumphrey is the program host of LIVING ON PURPOSE, with Dr. Kristie Stewart, heard live every Wednesday @ 7 am and 6:05 pm Pacific Time.

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Visit Official Site: Mark is a visual communication specialist and data cruncher extraordinaire. He is also a visionary that believes “living” life is the whole point. Living life involves showing up in the world in a way that helps others and makes a difference on our planet, and doing it with humor and fun. He believes that everyone has a “purpose” and has something to offer. Mark has an ability to help people find what drives them, the things that give them energy and that they love doing. He works with them to create a life path that maximizes their strengths and enables them to show up in the world in a positive way, doing what they love and loving what they do. His “people person” attitude and ability to think outside the box is an asset to organizations and individuals needing assistance in taking complicated information and delivering it in ways which everyone can understand and use it to implement strategy.

Mark also works with Dr. Stewart and No Boundaries, Living Local Acting Global on best practices and new ways of thinking outside the box on working with individuals with disabilities. Helping people fulfill their dreams through their limitations is something that gives Mark joy in his life and helps him feel like he is making a difference in the world.



“Community is Our Cornerstone”