Mandy Troxel

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Fans of Mandy Troxel’s music often share the similar story of being swung around by the clear bell of her voice and then rooted to the spot by her lyrics.

In 2014 Mandy returned to the music scene with a full-length album “If Only Words Could Keep Me Warm.” Released on her independent label, Arooo Music, the new album was recorded and co-produced by Bruce Harvie at Olgabowl tudio on Orcas Island, WA, the island that serves as Mandy’s home and muse. Lyrically, Mandy juxtaposes the beauty of her surroundings with the connection and humor of living in a small town community. She acknowledges the dark moments in life, while also underlying a certain optimism.

As she sings in the title track: “I’m going to take all the sweet things in life big and small / And wind them all up like some big woolen ball / I’m going to knit up a blanket so cozy and warm / And wrap it around us to weather this storm.”

Making the most of her performance time while also juggling life with two young daughters, Mandy has shared the stage with a wide array of seasoned musicians, including Victoria Williams, Tom Kimmel, Jan Krist and Jason Harrod, all of whom have capitalized on Mandy’s vocal chops by inviting her to sing harmonies. Mandy describes her music with a dash of self-depricating humor, labeling her genre as “Country Western Pathetica” and “Island Mama Americana”. Fellow musicians are more than willing to sing serious praise to Mandy’s craft. “Mandy Troxel is the real deal.” proclaims veteran songstress Susan Osborne. Songwriting Troubadour and former Vigilantes of Love frontman Bill Mallonee says: “With a folky voice of clarity that reminds one of early Emmylou Harris, Troxel navigates the waters of love lost and found with songs that offer memorable lines, but no easy answers.”

Folk music heroine Victoria Williams recommends Mandy’s latest project with an emphatic two-word review: “Beautiful record.”

Mandy performing “Lopsided Heart”