Luke Yates

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Country music today offers a wide range of stellar entertainment for the masses that love and cherish a southern, celebratory approach to songwriting and musical artistry.  Some of these artists are overflowing with talent.  Others, put forth great commercial appeal or political aplomb.  Newcomer to the scene, Luke Yates, however, is what many would refer to as “the whole package”.

Luke was raised in Spokane, Washington; born into a musical family.  A mother with a golden voice, siblings with instrumental talent, and the sounds of the choir in his grandfather’s Baptist church were his earliest musical influences.  As Yates began to grow up, these influences, along with a natural ear for music, began to culminate into something amazing.

At age fifteen, Luke decided he wanted to learn to play the piano, and devoted his time to the instrument.  Within a period of only two years, Luke was playing with the great mastery and quick-fingered key play that would lead one to assume that he was an actual veteran of Country music.

“You put an instrument in front of me, and I’ll try to figure it out,” Luke has said many times.  And as he mastered the piano at an astonishing pace, Luke also picked up the acoustic guitar, and within a short amount of time of studying the instrument, became a rock-solid player.

Yates’ talent as a pianist got him noticed (in his late teens) by popular Gospel vocal group, Blackwood Legacy.  After hearing Luke play, group manager Rick Price hired him on the spot as the group’s full-time pianist.  And, after finding that Luke could sing great as well, Rick promoted him to lead singer for the group.

Luke Yates spent eight years touring the nation with Blackwood Legacy, and still performs with the group today.  His charming stage presence, quick whit, and undeniable talent made him a favorite with audiences everywhere; and it eventually became clear that Luke was meant for something more than just group touring.  It was time to establish himself as a Country music artist.

Luke began writing songs and recording in Spokane, and also made music videos.  His Youtube-based covers of popular songs such as “Angel Eyes” and “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” earned Yates over 200,000 views within six months, and additional independent popularity.  His cover video of Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted”, was entered into a national cover song contest, in which Luke’s version won second place.

Luke Yates is now working on his debut album release, and is putting his music out into a public that is more than accepting and loving of his works.

Expectations are high, and the future on the horizon is a very bright one.  “I never thought I’d be making music for a living,” Luke says.  “It was just something I loved to do.”  Luke has remained faithful to that statement, as every song, recording, and video that he makes is a masterpiece of artistic expression, directly from the heart.

In 2012 Luke had the opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House in Spokane, WA. There he met Gabby LeDuc, a little girl fighting for her life against cancer. During breaks from touring he would often frequent the House to have fun with the kids and play music for them. In 2014 Luke was privileged to witness Gabby’s bell ringing ceremony at Sacred Heart Medical Center. This ceremony symbolized that Gabby’s battle with cancer had been won! Luke recently released his first single “Smile”, available on iTunes. He is donating 1/2 of the proceeds to institutions, through the Rypien Foundation, which helps kids fight cancer. To purchase the “Smile” download, and join with Luke in the fight against children’s cancer, click here