Lilou & John

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About Lilou: It sounds almost like a fairytale. Lilou grew up with an abusive father and an absent mother in a small village deep in the Dalslandian forests. Cut off from the rest of the world, as it seemed to her, she longed there would be something more to life than the geographical and mental isolation she experienced. She recalls one of her first strong memories, a moment that changed her life: “I was just five years old when I said ‘no’ to him. I knew what he did was wrong. I don’t know where I got the strength from but somehow it made him scared enough to step back, maybe he thought I was going to talk. I have carried that voice within me all my life and it has only gotten stronger for every fight I have had to win.”

About John: John encountered the impact of mental illness among his relatives at an early age. Aged five he had already survived weeks of solitary confinement and severe mock executions from his sadistic grandfather, Sture Lundström, dead in 2007. He witnessed two murders before the age of six, both carried out by his grandfather, something that he later has referred to as “the moment I died and someone else took my place.” It was these brutal events that laid the inspiration for songs such as When murder victims die and Into the void (not yet published). In 2012 after a complete mental breakdown he began to find a way out of “the worst hell someone could ever imagine” through therapy. “It’s all there in my lyrics,” he says, “like a map of my twisted life story. I used to think it was just too quirky but the more I write the more I realize that people actually recognize themselves.”

About Lilou & John: During John’s therapy, Lilou & John realized they shared a common interest in the obscure, dark and pain-ridden parts of human conscience. “We are perfect for each other,” John says, “we are basically two freaks who grew up in dysfunctional families and managed to escape our mental prisons. In later years we have realized we can combine our forces. I do the writing and she does the singing.” 


“I’m hypnotized by Lilou’s vocals. Her dark alto voice breathes of blackness, mystique and rock attitude, like a magical music incantation I just have to listen to again and again. Together with her husband she form the duo Lilou & John, who earlier this Autumn released the debut EP ‘100 Faces’.”

“The dark searing vocals of Lilou & John chill the marrow-bone while the flighty guitar gives the title track – 100 Faces – an intriguing camber that pitches the composition on a helter-skelter ride which despite, or maybe because of, the discombobulation – finds the audience dipping hip around the room.”