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Laddie Ray Melvin is a folksinger and songwriter who has played music in the Pacific Northwest for many years. As a songwriter, he carefully crafts his lyrics and surrounds them with music from the American folk tradition. Country, blues, folk and folk rock are all colors this mature artist works with as he sings of life, death, family, love, hope and our shared humanity.

Ray has produced four independently recorded CDs. The first is Rocky Ground (2002) followed by In The Aftermath (2006) a collection of tunes considering what it means to be human in times of trouble. Laddie Rays third CD is, A City Glows In The Distance (2009), and is a collection of songs that are intentionally spare followed by The Wheel (2012).

The Pacific Northwest is home to a vital community of folk musicians, and Laddie Ray Melvin is one of them. Please continue to support live music in your town or city.



What folks are saying about Laddie Ray Melvin:

“. . . born and raised by the Columbia River the stark beauty of the land around him found its way into his music. The sweet grit of his expressive baritone and the rich imagery of his lyrics have a genuine and immediate impact on his listeners. There’s raw tenderness and strength in Laddie Ray’s style that seems uniquely masculine, yet universally human.” Marilyn O’Malley, Victory Review

“Melvin’s songs are like a well-worn heirloom quilt, woven together from threads of traditional Americana, country, blues and a bit of Dylan-esque folk rock. His voice is weathered and rich, and his songs are dusty landscapes of life experience written from the perspective of a mature soul. His performances are captivating like hearing old ghost stories late at night around the crackling campfire.” Get Out! North Idaho: July 2007



Read an article published in the Spokesman Review October 2011 here.








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