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Official Site: Is it his deep, textured voice, his rich, engaging songwriting, or his deft yet unpretentious playing? With nothing more than a guitar in hand and a song with a story to tell, Keith can completely captivate an audience. His husky heart-felt vocals and aggressive acoustic guitar style offer more than the standard bill-of-fare for most folk singers and more musicality and sensitivity than today’s average rock band.

Keith Greeninger is that rare performer for whom people lean forward in their seats, eager to capture every note and every word.



What folks are saying about Keith Greeninger:

“I field calls on countless artists and no one has captured my listeners more than Keith”. ~ Brian Terhorst, KVMR, Nevada City CA.

“One of the finest writers on the scene today. His songs always find a way to touch,
inspire, celebrate…and when necessary, enrage”. ~ Mike Meyer, KRVM Radio, Eugene OR.

“Greeninger’s music has a dramatic quality to it. A storyteller in song, he paints masterful portraits of humanity in both its splendor and strife”. ~ Steven Sawada, Eugene Weekly.







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