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A number of years ago a couple of guys got together at a friend’s to record some cover songs, just for the fun of it, and they were pleased enough with the result to say “why not get it on iTunes?”. Then one of them said “but don’t mention my name ’cause I can’t be on recordings without my label’s consent”, and the other one said “as for my credibility, don’t mention my name either because this kind of music is totally opposite to the kind of music I’m involved in professionally”, and then the third one said “so why don’t we just not credit anyone at all? I don’t mind!”.

Each of them had enjoyed doing this occasional recording, but none of them actually felt like working out a whole set, rehearse it and go on the road and do live gigs with it, because they were all too busy doing other things. So that’s how the basic Hooyoosay formula was born: “no credits, no gigs”, just the recordings on iTunes, Spotify and now Indie Air Radio.

Then someone else came along and shaped this basic concept into an ongoing project.
Since then many more people have contributed to the project, but the initial formula has been severely respected until today.

Hooyoosay are not really concerned about not bringing the expected answers to the standard who-where-when questions. Actually, “no credits, no gigs” has proved a bit of a blessing too, for it seems to keep the egos away.


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