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Visit Official Site: In 2008, Greg Hanson (guitar) was writing symphonic metal while Aleisha Simpson (vocals) was honing her skills with her acoustic guitar and powerful voice. Their fated meeting occurred online and the pair worked together in perfect unison to create something haunting and new. During the writing process Greg composed guitar melodies for the songs. Aleisha then listened for hours to hear the tale that each song told her. Once she can heard the meaning, she can then transcribe it into lyrics. In 2016 Mick Barnes joined the lineup contributing heavy-hitting bass.



Released in May of 2018 “Breaking All The Rules” is inspired by love and loss.



Aleisha is currently performing as a solo artist as well as writing and collaborating with other artists on their musical projects. To find out more about Aleisha click/tap here.



“Community is Our Cornerstone”