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Hawke has a dream, which is to create a wheelchair friendly RGP (Role Game Playing) trailer which will include table top, live action, solo and guided adventures + more. The outreach trailer will serve, but not be limited to, youths at risk, individuals with ADHD, autism, brain injury recovery, social phobias, the deaf, and others with special needs.

Hawke needs to raise $6,000 for the construction and outfitting of the trailer and has created a GoFundMe campaign to achieve his goal. You can find out more and donate here.

Another way that you can help Hawke reach his goal is to become one of his sponsors, with all sponsorship dollars going towards his funding campaign. You can provide addition support by purchasing Hawke’s digital music at Cafe’ Indie Air all sales proceeds supporting his campaign.


Check out Hawke’s RPG Research story, featured on KREM 2 News.



Visit Official Site: Since moving to Spokane, Hawke Robinson, aka Synthetic Zen has intermittently performed on air (NR and KYRS), various coffee shops, such as Kafka’s in Cheney (now something else), Petit Chat, and elsewhere, as well as many performances at Eastern Washington University in the Concert Choir, and Composer’s Symposium.

I now play over 20+ instruments as well as compose and perform electronic music. The instruments include but are not limited to: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, various Native American wood flutes, African Djembe drum, computer /electronic music, synthesizers, harmonicas, Indian sitar, mandolin, Bodhran (Irish drum), Irish whistles, Middle-eastern Ney (reed flute), Didgeridoo, Native American Hoop Drum, Middle-eastern Midjwiz, Pakistani horn, and many other ethnic instruments, as well as some vocals.



I compose, record and sometimes perform many styles including but not limited to classical, opera, blues, rock, folk, world, techno, trance, meditative, new age, and experimental music. Much of my music doesn’t fit a specific genre, which is very problematic in trying to distribute and get air time, the industry keeps trying to force specific categories, and that is very problematic when each musical piece can span 2, 3, or more categories.

From 2004 through 2007 I was an Internet and terrestrial radio DJ and talk show host. First with NEKKID Radio out of Santiago Chile over the Internet, as “Dr Z & The Synthetic Zen Show”, then overlapping with Spokane’s KYRS with a show under the same name, PLUS “Tech Talk With Hawke”, a show discussing technologies and their impact on privacy, security, and civil right rights.


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