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Visit Official Site: Gary began playing the guitar at the age of 15, under the guidance of Ira Magginnis, and within nine months found himself in his first band. Growing up in a small farming community in Indiana, his first paying gig was with a local cover band called Physical Labor.

After spending some time in the local music scene he joined the US Air Force and was stationed at Fairchild AFB in Spokane Washington. While there he and a couple of friends started a christian rock group called, Front Runner. Later stationed in Alaska, Gary participated as one of 9,000 entries in an Air Force talent contest performing a solo piece by Rik Emmett, (Triumph), “Mid-summers Daydream”. He placed in the top 600 but missed the finals.

Now an accomplished musician, he relocated to Montana and worked in a small music store in Great Falls. While there his new band was asked to open for Fog Hat. Shortly afterward he formed the heavy metal christian rock group Crimson Tears, who were on the radar of Dino and John Elephante, but his Air Force commitments kept him from pursuing his music career at that time.

After leaving the service his newest venture with the group Hammock caught the ear of Izzy Stradilin (Guns and Roses). At that time his six year old daughter Cassandra was diagnosed with bone cancer and he left the music scene to care full time for his child. When she recovered Gary began writing his solo instrumental music and released The Cool Beyond, in 2007, and Staying The Course in 2008.

Gary is also half of the instrumental duo The Rising Tide. You can view The Rising Tide’s artist page here.


Full album and single song downloads for all of Gary’s music is available at Cafe’ Indie Air!








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