Erick Hovey

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By day, he drives a tractor, working his tranquil farm, by night he picks an electric guitar. Aside from being a farmer, American Midwesterner Erick Hovey is a complete and exciting musician with a rootsy, modern blues sound. With his four releases and live performances, Erick has firmly entrenched himself as an outstanding guitarist, a poetic sensible composer, and a superb lyricist with a clever sense of life reality. Erick Hovey is undoubtedly one of a kind, a player who celebrates the virtues of space, time and presence. He is comfortable on all grounds of roots traditional music like blues, swing, country, pop, and Americana. There’s a signature sound at play here, a discernable voice of rich tones and texures, sweet melodies, expressive phrasing, real feel, and always the blues. Fans have no trouble instantly connecting with Erick’s unique, free laidback style.