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Visit Official Site: Throughout 40 years of running whitewater, Casey Garland has played guitar and honed his songwriting craft. In his first CD, The River Keeps on Flowing, he shares his musical soul and a unique perspective of life on the river.

Casey has combined a love of music and wild rivers since the early 70s. He helped introduce the idea of whitewater paddle boats to enthusiasts all over the Northwest. And when the day on the river was done, he brought out his guitar. His moments of “great contentment and kickass fun on the rivers” are captured in a wonderful array of songs. Casey describes his style as “jazzy James Taylor with a pinch of Jimmy Buffett—and sometimes a healthy dose of Jimmy!”.



The River Keeps on Flowing was—

  • Recorded at Tassin Studios Port Orchard, Washington.
  • Features George Merrill known for his songs recorded by Whitney Houston, and Tammy Frost, a stellar Northwest vocalist.
  • Produced by three-time Emmy winner Jeff Tassin.




Reviewers love it!

“I’ve had a chance to give a careful listen to your CD really enjoyed the spirit and craftsmanship shown in the song writing and recording. I think everyone hit it out of the park on this one!” Jim Bluhm 


“America is a land of rivers and we all live downstream. There’s lots to like about the songs and production qualities on your album which honors rivers and our consciousness of them.”  Durfee Day, promoter Telluride Bluegrass Festival.


Audiences love it too.

Casey has played a series of very successful house concerts throughout the Northwest. For booking information email:






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