Automatic Shoes

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Automatic Shoes, the solo music project of Matthew Hughes, was started in late 2006. With a strong desire to work in music production, Matthew decided it would be easiest to start with his own recordings, so he taught himself to play guitar. Heavily influenced at the time by Marc Bolan (T.Rex) and Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), he began writing and recording and mixing music on cassettes, with nothing more than an old karaoke machine. Within his first few months of making music, he recorded a few project albums, which he passed around to a few friends at school.

By May of 2007, Matthew upgraded to recording through a broken digital camera & discovered the amazing world of social media. He released an album ‘Once In Youth’ online, and started selling a few copies in England, New York, and Australia.

After graduating high school in June of 2007, he dove headfirst into cyberspace, networking and researching with Marc Bolan fans across the world. He started recording onto an old reel to reel machine he found at the dump, and by the end of the year, he had another album done: ‘CLASSIC’. Along with some Marc Bolan covers, it featured some original songs.

In early 2008, months of research and networking led Matthew into a unique partnership with Bolan’s former girlfriend and Motown producer, Gloria Jones. He came to be responsible for maintaining and promoting her online presence. By late 2008, she was introducing him as her personal assistant to the likes of Lionel Richie, Brenda Holloway, and the Velvelettes – and he was assisting with the reissue of her 1973 ‘Share My Love’ album. Still keeping up on recording, he put together his self-titled album ‘Automatic Shoes’.

Taking a year-long break from music, and becoming more spiritually and financially grounded, he began writing again, and in May 2010, he started work on what would become the album ‘After All’, which was released in January 2011. He approached that album with more of a personal songwriting style, as opposed to composing in the styling of his influences – the result being a more authentic and original sound.

He kept up on writing for the rest of 2011, and in May of 2012, he finally stepped into a recording studio.

Keeping his traditional raw Automatic Shoes sound, with updated recording quality, he tries to combine personal songwriting with his influences in his current spiritual concept album ‘As It Is’. The album is a reflection on the highs and lows in life, and learning to stay level, no matter what life surprise is around the corner.