American Catapult

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American Catapult resides happily on the outskirts of Americana music. Please call them AmCat, as all their friends do. Years of playing live for surprised strangers and invited guests have made AmCat’s set strong and engaging.

TELEVISION: Occasional drops in commercial breaks, and featured in Friday Night Lights season 3.
Also featured in AMC’s Cinemasounds a handful of times.

RADIO: Lots of non-comm radio play on over 75 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada; this has confirmed the band’s appeal to a wide range of age and taste.

TOURING: Arizona, Texas (SXSW, others), Tennessee, Washington and up and down California. Built a reputation for playing anytime, anywhere including laundromats, rest stops and abandoned airfields.

Engaging and endearing, their music is as timeless as American music gets, as free and optimistic as a scene from Athens in the ‘80s, and instantly accessible. AmCat plays for the love of it, and would be happy to oblige, even if that means playing in your front yard or parking lot!

RECORDINGS: (©Further South Recordings) Four full length CDs & two EPs. Band. Not the Weapon, Fall 2012, is their latest release. Look for new recordings early 2015.


acbles American Catapult is a band that truly has the soul of the
American landscape running through their veins. Not only
does the Southern California quartet play songs which
attempt to capture the experience of being young, free,
and in the midst of wide open spaces (both
geographically and emotionally), but the band has literally
brought their music to a wide range of settings which dot
the horizons of many who live in the lower forty-eight.


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