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Visit Official Site: American Catapult resides happily on the outskirts of Americana music. Years of playing live for surprised strangers and invited guests have made AmCat’s set strong and engaging. Comfortable on larger stages, in the corner of a dive bar, and probably on your front porch.

TELEVISION/FILM: Occasional drops in commercial breaks on cable, and featured on NBC’s Friday Night Lights season 3, episode 8. Also featured in AMC’s Cinemasounds a handful of times in theaters all around the U.S.

RADIO: Lots of non-comm radio play on over 75 stations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and the world really. This has confirmed the band’s appeal to a wide range of age and taste, and languages.

TOURING: Arizona, Texas (SXSW, others), Tennessee, Washington and up and down California. Built a reputation for playing anytime, anywhere, including laundromats, rest stops and abandoned airfields (see Tour of the Brave).

RECORDINGS: (©Further South Recordings) Four full length CDs & three EPs. An EP titled THERE ARE FRIENDS, AND THEN THERE ARE FRIENDS, was released on Soundcloud to friends in 2014. BAND.NOT THE WEAPON (Fall 2012) is their last full length release. TREES OF MYSTERY, their first album, was released by Cooking Vinyl USA Records in 2007. Request to hear “Abilene”, Indian Summer” and “Your Doing It To Me”, from the forthcoming album INDIAN SUMMER here.



PRESS: American Catapult is a band that truly has the soul of the American landscape running through their veins. Not only does the Southern California quartet play songs which attempt to capture the experience of being young, free, and in the midst of wide open spaces (both geographically and emotionally), but the band has literally brought their music to a wide range of settings which dot the horizons of many who live in the lower forty-eight … (

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