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Visit Official Site: Aleisha was born with music in her blood. Coming from a family of musicians she wanted to be a singer as soon as she was old enough to know what a career was. She sang all throughout her school years and in college pursued a music degree where she began composing music and honing her vocal and piano abilities. After graduating from college Aleisha began her musical career as a solo artist, setting up radio interviews and meeting with other acoustic musicians. She later joined multiples bands, both cover and original. Her most notable project was fronting Heart Avail, an original symphonic rock band.



Aleisha has attended Sundance Film Festival three years in a row, attended Grammy week 2016 where she played the world famous Whiskey Go-Go with the Greg Kihn band, one of Heart Avails songs hit top 50 on the Billboard charts, participated as one of Indie Entertainments bands in Los Angeles, CA and interacted and met with multiple award winning musicians and producers to improve and refine her skills. In 2016 she was also invited to Nashville to learn from industry people and learn more about the music industry. Her former band, Heart Avail, was also chosen as one of Spokane’s bands to participate in NAIRMAS Road to the Red Carpet, and finalist in Gorilla’s music competition.

Aleisha has shared the stage with a diverse array of artists including the Greg Kihn Band, Gemini Syndrome, Nonpoint, Otep, Dollskin, Fire from the Gods, 9 Electric, Righteous Vendetta, Motograter, Hail Sagan and Chrysalis. She has also participated in many charity events and was part of the team for the LifeRocks Music Festival and Rock out with your Jim out. In addition to booking tours and managing herself and her bands Aleisha helps other bands book shows and offers advice to help them progress their careers. She believes that music is best served if we work together as a community, build each other up and help those who are starting out instead of burning the bridge.


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