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Indie Air Radio is a 24/7 Internet radio station and a fair trade media company that is owned by a curated group of musical artists and podcast producers. Other assets include retail music and podcast distribution and a concert venue located in Spokane, WA. Interested artists and producers can find information for our group here

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Connecting with supportive fans and listeners is our mission. Station membership starts at $7 per month with 20% of your subscription supporting our operating costs and 80% supporting our group. Supporting individual musical artists, podcast producers, and creating multiple and higher priced subscriptions are also options. In appreciation we provide our members with exclusive benefits that include free music downloads, discounts on music purchases, discounts on concert tickets, and more. You can view all benefits and subscription options here.


In order for the arts to exist a transparent and equitable economy must exist.

Indie Air Radio supports the fair trade music movement, in partnership with Fair Trade Music International.

You can find Fair Trade Music International’s information and become a part of the movement here.


Artist Owned – Listener Supported