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cool3Indie Air Radio is funded by underwriters, listeners, musical artists and DJ’s subscriptions.

Our subscribing artists and DJ’s, (associates), receive financial support through personal sponsorship from underwriters and members of the station. In addition to receiving sponsorship income associates share 60% of all subscription revenue. Sponsorship is included in both underwriter and listener memberships. In appreciation our underwriters and members receive a variety of benefits. You can view all benefits and become an underwriter or member here.

Artists & DJ’s … studies show that the current music industry models serve less than 10% of artists fairly. Indie Air Radio was created as an alternative model which emphasizes the value of creative individuals and their work. Providing creatives recognition and fair compensation for their work is our mission.

Indie Air Radio is a curated, fair trade media company and is cooperatively owned with its associates. As a part of ownership we provide our associates with a variety of marketing platforms, services and financial opportunities. Musical artists and DJ’s can find association information here.



“Community is Our Cornerstone”