About Us

Indie Air Radio is a 24/7 Internet radio station, and a fair trade media company that is owned by a curated group of musical artists and podcast producers. We also own a concert venue and provide music and podcast distribution services for our group members. Artists and producers who are interested in associating with our group can find information here.

Connecting with supportive fans and listeners is our mission. You can listen to Indie Air Radio by clicking here or on the Listen Now button below.



We invite you to consider becoming a supporting member of the station with subscriptions starting at $7 per month. 20% of your subscription assists us with our operating costs and 80% supports our group. Choosing to personally support an individual musical artist or podcast producer and create multiple, and higher priced subscriptions are options that are also available.

In appreciation we provide a variety of benefits to our members, which include discounts on music purchases, discounts on admission to concerts, free monthly music downloads and more. To view all subscription options, membership benefits, and to become a member click here.

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Bob Rice: General Manager. 

To find information click here

Contact: bob@indieairradio.com


Guru Internet Services: Support.

To find information click here. 

Contact: webmaster@indieairradio.com

Artist Owned – Listener Supported