About Us

Formed in 2015, Indie Air Radio is a curated, cooperatively owned fair trade media company and Internet radio station. The company is funded by underwriters and listening member subscriptions. 60% of the company is owned by musical artists and DJ’s who are associated with the company. Providing sustainability, income opportunities and marketing platforms to our associates is our company mission. Musical artists and DJ’s can find association information here

Our publicly accessible broadcast stream is commercial free and is similar to public and community radio. In order for us to remain commercial free we rely on financial support from listening members and underwriters. Connecting supportive listeners and underwriters with our unique programming and musical artists is our top priority.

We invite you to become a subscriber of the station. Sponsorship is included in both underwriter and listener subscription memberships. 60% of all subscription dollars are allocated to sponsorship and support our group of associates. Personal sponsorship of an individual artist or DJ is also available. In appreciation we provide our subscribers a variety of benefits. You can view all benefits and become an underwriter or listening member here.

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Bob Rice: Director of Operations/Manager 

Find info here. Contact: bob@indieairradio.com


Guru Internet Services: Support

Find info here. Contact: webmaster@indieairradio.com


“Community is Our Cornerstone”