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164481_156014971111089_6397107_nOHANA KAI ~ hosted by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Dayan Kai, heard every Friday @ 3:05 pm and 8 pm Pacific.

Born without sight but not without soul, Dayan Kai is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, vocalist, and producer with a lifelong dedication to music and is equally versed in jazz, world, Americana, and rock traditions. A world traveler he now calls his native Maui, and the town of Lahaina, his home. He is a deeply devoted husband and father of three, in fact they operate a small family farm.

Dayan is an audiophile with his program sources reaching back as far as his grandparents 78 rpm records and then forward to music which he has discovered as a musician, producer, engineer, and that which has influenced him while living in the Pacific Rim.

You will hear old favorites, new discoveries, a bit of comedy, and news that’s important to the global Ohana (which means family, in Hawaiian ) of the future.

Dayan welcomes your comments and guest appearance inquires by emailing him at dayankai@gmail.com




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