Meet Saint Jacks Parade … one of our Partnered Associates


We are proud to recognize Saint Jacks Parade as our “Featured Artist of the Month”



From their pictures alone, Saint Jacks Parade looks like they could have fit in well with the denizens of Hollywood’s glam metal scene in the 1980’s … (see more).


Current members can receive their copy of Saint Jacks Parade, this months free album download, by going to the Members Lounge here.

The band is offering all new members a full album download. As a part of membership you will also become one of their sponsors. 50% of your $10 monthly subscription will go directly to the band and provide them with resources for their upcoming creative projects.



View all membership benefits here.


Full album and single song downloads of Saint Jacks Parade’s music is available at Cafe’ Indie Air.



 Enter the Cafe’ here.




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