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“Community is Our Cornerstone”




Hosted by musician, actress, and life coach Laura Coyle every Monday @ 10:05 am, following the news, and 7 pm Pacific.

This life coaching program will help you learn to connect dots, close gaps, and achieve personal growth through disciplines such as poetry, art, music, spirituality and literature. More freedom, less suffering and an overall sense of well-being and willingness to not take everything in life too seriously is the goal of this program.

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Swami - CroppedINNER AWAKENED 

Hosted by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Inner Awakening student Ian Narcisi every Thursday @ 11:05 am, following the news, and 7 pm Pacific. 

This spirituality based program will introduce you to Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda, (referred to his follower’s as Swamiji), and his very powerful self-healing process called Completion. Hear topics and discussions which stem from Swamiji’s teachings, interviews with graduates of the Inner Awakening program and spiritually themed music. 

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Hosted by consultants, Dr. Kristie Stewart and Mark Pumphrey every Wednesday @ 7 am and 6:05 pm Pacific, following the news.

Living on Purpose embraces growing our perceptions of a “normal life” and making the world around us extraordinary by sharing our personal gifts with one another. This radio show will help you find more meaning in life by taking your experiences, strengths, and passions, and help you use them in ways to make a positive difference in the world.

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Take a trip through the musical mind of Dayan Kai on OHANA KAI, our world music program, every Friday @ 3:05 pm, following the news, and 8 pm Pacific.

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and record producer, Dayan has traveled the world and now calls his native Maui home.

His program sources reach back as far as his grandparents 78 rpm record’s and then forward, covering a variety of contemporary musical styles and span a multitude of world music genres. You will hear old favorites, new discoveries, a bit of comedy, and news that’s important to the global Ohana (which means family, in Hawaiian).

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Hosted by Kevin Dunn and Dana Rush weekdays (Monday-Friday) at the top of the hour.

PSN Radio News is a syndicated news service, affiliated with the Associated Press, which provides short form coverage of global, national, sports, entertainment and business news.

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stock-footage-needle-on-a-spinning-record-playerTHE ALBUM HOUR

Tune-in every Saturday @ 10 am and 8 pm Pacific when we shine the spotlight on the music of our partnered artists. Hear a select album in its entirety without interruption.

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Hosted by veteran DJ Bob Rice. Hear interviews with our artists as well as their music.

This program does not air weekly. Please refer to the SCHEDULE for upcoming shows and guest appearances.

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Hosted by environmentalist and musician Gigi Love every Tuesday @ 8 am and 7 pm Pacific.

This weekly travelogue focuses on environmentalism and features interviews with individuals working in the fields of sustainable green living, conservation and Eco-Justice.

Gigi and her husband Peter recently partnered with the National Park Service, Amtrak and Texas A&M University’s Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences as their first official Trails and Rails ambassadors. As a part of this program you will also hear individual stories from people riding the Amtrak rails as well as those visiting our National Parks.

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Past DJ Shows



Hosted by award-winning author Sharon Cramer.

Sharon launched her weekly author read program in 2015 and completed reading THE WINTERGRAVE CHRONICLES, her 3 book medieval romantic fantasy series in June 2017.

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Hosted by Ozzie Franco and Dusty Wright.

THE ANTI-GRAVITY SHOW ran 25 episodes, launching in October 2015 and ending October 2016. The show featured extra-terrestrial, sci-fi and entertainment news.

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“Community is Our Cornerstone”